Sunday, March 4, 2007


The home visit last night went very well. We chose a Florida homestudy agency that happened to be owned by a Christian couple. They were incredibly nice and made the whole meeting quite enjoyable. They even prayed with us, which certainly isn't typical. They agreed that our decision to adopt a toddler boy was the best fit for our family since we would be observing birth order and because our youngest, three year old Camden, would make a fantastic big brother to a little boy (we agree!).

We're thrilled to have that portion behind us and are excited about getting all the "work" done. It involve's sending away for four different background reports on ourselves, two sets of fingerprints each, sending off an I 600A (immigration form) with all its accompanying documentation and getting addional paperwork done for the dossier.

We haven't started removing the wallpaper yet.