Saturday, May 9, 2009

Asa's Been Home For TWO MONTHS!

Wow. It's just so hard to believe. We are blessed beyond measure; Asa is such an adorable, funny, polite, happy and smart little boy. He's doing so well. Asa learns so much every day, but it already feels like he's always been here. We have a nice routine with sleep, meals, playtime, etc... He loves to tell us what's going to happen next and the way things work. His favorite phrase right now is an-nen (which means "and then"). It's usually used like this, "Asa eats, an-nen nap," or "Get bathing suit, an-nen jump in pool, an-nen hair wet." His English just astounds us - he'll remember a word he heard once (days before) and will use it in the right context. His easy-going personality makes outings or slight variations in our schedule very pleasant - he takes everything in stride.

I had mentioned that we were having some sleep issues and those have seemed to subside. Asa is going to bed without much fuss and usually wakes once in the middle of the night to use the potty, but generally goes right back to sleep. He can still be a little too friendly with strangers, sometimes, but that's getting better, also. Since he understands so much English, we've been able to talk about family: "We hug people in our family: Daddy, Mommy, Ally, Chloe and Camden. We can give high-fives or wave at friends." The cutest thing is how he'll high-five a friend and church, then turn and whisper in my ear "Mommy, high-fibe fwend."

As for the rest of us... everyone in the family just wants to eat him up. Cam and Chloe never tire of kissing his cheeks, Ally loves to cuddle him, Daddy gives giant bear hugs and I nibble on his little feet (piddy toes in Asa-speak) every chance I get. It's a miracle he's not sick of us, yet. Asa seems to feel secure; he is growing and thriving. We're so grateful that God chose us to be his parents.

Mommy and Asa