Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Still Nothing...

Yesterday marked seven months in IBESR. I know that there are others who have been in even longer than us. We keep hearing that all these files are going to be exiting "any time now" or "later this week." Those rumors have been around for a while, now, so I'm sure that when we finally get word that we're out - I'll be in utter disbelief.

It's easy to get down, even when we make a point of doing fun things together as a family. Those should be happy times, but they really do remind us that we have a sweet little two year old who is missing. Even so, we're trying to enjoy these moments and not "wish our lives away" as we hope for Asa's arrival. Miss Chloe turned seven last week (hard to believe!) and will be having a birthday party this weekend. Allyson returned from her trip to Brazil and we're so happy to have her home. The kids have been spending a lot of time in the pool because the Florida weather has been fabulous (sorry Ohio people). And we have an exciting family getaway planned for mid-May. So even though the posts lately have been kind of dreary (sorry!) we are hanging in there, trying to stay busy & just praying that we get some good news soon.

Thanks for all the sweet and encouraging comments that have been left lately!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Waiting For Asa...

I missed seeing his little face, so here's a picture from my December trip. There's just nothing that can prepare you for all the emotions associated with a Haitian adoption. We don't have any type of estimated time frame at this point. Even with the whole IBESR/Parquet dispute out of the equation, we're dealing with a very unstable country that can erupt into rioting, causing government offices to close.

Some days are hopeful and I feel like things could be speeding up. Maybe he will be home in the fall! There are other days when I get the feeling that I could be sitting here this time next year - posting pictures of my son who is still in Haiti.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

How Asa Is Doing...

Physical and Social Development

Everybody is impressed by this little boy because he is doing so well. Actually this little guy is very awake and motivated. His language skill is developing he communicates with his friends very well and he has accumulated many new words from the older children. He likes to bring out his auntie’s attention by pointing.


This child is doing ok; he is a healthy little boy. He sleeps well and eats with appetite. Physical exams show nothing wrong. His weight is 22 lbs 6 oz and he is 78 cm tall. The general state of his health is well-preserved.

How Haiti Is Doing...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Comfort Food: Haiti Style...

Yum! Fried plantains, rice and red beans. It smelled like dinner time at the orphanage when I made this. I just cooked a package of yellow rice with some some garlic & onions that I let sweat in olive oil until soft. I put a plop of chicken base in while the rice cooked, too.

I don't know if they use cilantro in Haiti, but I love it and the plate needed some green. See the empty spot up there at the top of the plate?
I caught the plantain thief in the act!
They were really ripe and extremely yummy. After frying, I sprinkled them with a little Adobo seasoning. I know that there's a double fry method where you cut them into thicker chunks and smash them down after the first fry, but I just didn't have the patience for an extra step. I was ready to EAT!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

In Other News...

I just posted some updates and pictures on the family blog. Allyson (our 15 year old) arrived safely in Brazil and will be there for a week. She might even get to meet the Dunn Family - they are adopting FIVE gorgeous kids and are in the same city where Al's team will be working!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Righteous Anger...

From Vera's Advocacy Blog:

I received an update yesterday as to why the Chief Proscutor of the Port-au-Prince Parquet Claudy Gassant (he is the "judge" who signs off on all adoption decrees) is not signing adoption decrees for families that have biological children. He is enforcing the 1974 Haitian Law that states that only childless couples and singles can adopt. The reason Mr. Gassant apparently stated for not signing the adoption decrees is that he is getting pressured by UNICEF not to sign these decrees (even the ones with presidential pardons for many families). So, to get to the bottom of this statement, we need to write a letter to the main person in charge of UNICEF in the Carribian region. He speaks English, French and Spanish, so getting a letter and email to him won't be difficult. However, the UNICEF person directly overseeing adoptions in Haiti is French speaking only.

I'm really, really angry. There are evil people standing between us and our precious kids and it's really hard to take. Isn't there someone, somewhere that's bigger than UNICEF and Gassant who actually wants children to be in loving families?? I'm praying God sends someone or some event to radically change the adoption process there - that will render UNICEF and Gassant totally obsolete and impotent (figuratively speaking, of course).

We want Asa home. Our children want Asa home. Our families and friends want Asa home. This child is LOVED. Why would anyone want to keep children from loving homes?? I ask that rhetorically because I have my own beliefs as to why this is happening. They're deeply rooted in my Christian faith and what feels to be an attack on people who desire to care for "the least of these." The orphans in a third world countries are just as precious, just as valuable and just as deserving of love as the well dressed, well fed, children of the wealthy UNICEF decision makers.

I'm so angry. I remember hearing that anger is a secondary emotion; it's not normally an initial response but a reaction to other emotions like sadness, hurt, fear or helplessness. I've felt all those (and still do) but now, I'm angry, too.