Friday, February 23, 2007

Starting with a Sprint...

Things are moving quickly! It's very likely that I won't utter those words again. Our agency in North Carolina received the signed contract and has sent off a packet with all the paperwork we need to complete for the dossier. And I think we've decided on a Florida agency to do our homestudy. They want to come out to do the home visit in one week - on March 3rd. I wasn't expecting it to be so soon. And I'm nervous. Our coordinator says that everyone feels a little anxious at this stage, but once it's over, they realize it's not a big deal at all. I'm clinging to those words of enouragement.

In other news, Jim has decided that now would be the perfect time to remove the wall paper in the foyer and along the staircase. The walls are 22 feet high. I'm requesting a stay for one week... until the homestudy is done. The last thing we need is scaffolding and ugly naked walls to greet our case workers. So I think he'll start the job on March 4th. And by the 5th, our favorite handy man will likely be getting a call. :o) I'll post before & after pictures on our family blog.

As always, your prayers are so greatly appreciated!

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