Thursday, February 8, 2007

A Three Week Wait.....

We're waiting on a piece of information that could alter our adoption plans quite a bit. And we have to wait about three weeks.

Our desire to adopt a Haitian child has been very strong for nearly seven years - since my pregnancy with Chloe. Haiti was the country that had been impressed upon my heart (and Jim, as usual, supported this dream). We hadn't really considered adopting from anywhere else. But there is a possibility that Haiti won't be an option for us - although we are continuing to pray in that direction. Our coordinator said there is an alternative, though: Ethiopia.

Jim could sense my frustration.... since my plans (ha ha - like I could possibly control any of this) have been somewhat altered. He says that our child, the one that God has planned for our family, just might be in Ethiopia. True. Those of you who know Jim can attest that he's not too verbose, but that statement humbled me and also reminded my why I admire my husband so much. God's pencil has no eraser. He's already drawn the blueprint for our family.

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