Friday, November 2, 2007


Just got an e-mail from someone visiting the orphanage. She said that Asa is doing better. He was feeding himself at lunch and even smiled when she gave him a toy (he didn't smile once when I was there). She said he still is somewhat lethargic, but we're happy to hear that he's moving in the right direction.

Something else - kind of Haiti related... two nights ago I started getting this crazy, itchy rash on my legs. By morning, it was on my stomach, too. I took some liquid Benadryl (which knocked me out - thank goodness Jim & Allyson were here to help with the little kids). It helped the rash temporarily but by yesterday evening, it was back and TERRIBLE. We were at Target and I told Jim I needed to get to a doctor. He dropped the kids off at home (Ally babysat) and took me to a walk in clinic near our house. The doctor suspected that it was an allergic reaction to the anti-malaria pills I had been taking over the past two weeks. Oh, and I LOVE this doctor; he has taken eight medical mission trips to Cite Soliel. Anyway, they gave me a steroid shot in the tush. And before the nurse put the bandaid on me she asked if I was allergic to latex or adhesives. The priceless quote of the night from Jim, "Yeah, we wouldn't you want to get a rash..." It would have been more entertaining if I wasn't writhing in pain.... the needle was really long!!!

So this morning it was still pretty bad and had spread to my face (and itched sooooo bad) but after about 3 doses of the antihistimine/steroid combo he prescribed, it had cleared up. Hopefully it stays away. And I'm not going to take any more of the weekly anti-malaria stuff I was supposed to be on for four more weeks. I only got two or three mosquito bites in Haiti so I'm sure I'll be fine. And when I go back next month (YES - in December!!) I'll just make sure I coat myself with bug spray.

3 of your thoughts:

Kathy said...

Praise God that Asa is better and that you had a doctor who was able to treat you efficiently!

Melissa E. said...

I hope you get to see that smile in December!! Tell me again...How long till you're able to bring him home?
I'm so glad you can at least visit him.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Mrs. Greg Green said...

Yikes Beth. So sorry about the rash! But SO GLAD to hear poor little Asa is feeling better. Praise God that you're both getting well!