Monday, November 3, 2008

No Word On MOI...


I had really, really hoped that I'd get some news while I was in Haiti, but as of October 24th, we were yet to be submitted. It does seem like things are moving pretty quickly once files get into MOI, though, and we're hoping to ride that wave. There are quite a few children who are very close to coming home in the next few weeks, which is fabulous news! Just imagining what it'll feel like when we finally get "the call" makes my heart race.

The kids' anticipation is reaching a new level. While all three kiddos have been eager to get Asa home, our little Camden talks about it all the time. His mealtime & bedtime prayers always include lengthy requests about Asa's health & happiness, the adoption process, the Haitian government and all the orphans in Haiti. Both boys have birthdays in early December (Cam will be five, Asa will be three) and back before our eight month stint in IBESR, we thought Asa would be home by then. Cam had been really excited about the possibility of a joint birthday party. But now, he's been asking if he'll still be five when Asa comes home. And I want to say "of course he'll be home before you turn six!" but we've come to realize that there are no guarantees and refuse to make promises to our kids when we simply don't know.

BUT... It does feel like we're actually nearing what could be the home-stretch of this wait. I'm starting to think about things we should buy (a big armoire for the boys' room, a new stroller, etc...) and Jim has been checking on prices for last-minute flights to Haiti - just to get an idea of what it might be when we do travel. The uncertainty of Haitian adoption totally sucks the fun out of what should be excitement. It's been about six months since I've had much hope or joy (in terms of the adoption process). And it stinks! So I might be misguided in my assumption that Asa could be home early next year and I might just have my hopes dashed if we hit more insane delays. But whatever. I'm fed up with fear and anxiety and am just going to look forward to what will be one of the most exciting moments for our family: the day Asa comes home.

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Kristi said...

Excellent blog post. I'm trying to get myself out of this weird funk and bad attitude as well. It's really hard not to get sucked in by negativity.

Your Cam has the most gorgeous blue eyes! He sounds like such a sweet boy and he must be so excited to have his first brother come home!

When is Asa's birthday? Remember I will be there Dec 9th-12th - a little birthday party is totally do-able!

Kathy said...

We are playing the waiting game with you. Nine mo in ibesr and five so far in parquet. It's so frustrating not to know when it will be--will we be out of parquet at the 6 mo mark? Or are our files just sitting somewhere or on the bottom of the pile....

I agree with sucking the fun out of it. Who would have thought.

I hope you are in MOI soon.

AprilC said...

I hear you sister! But man your boys are cute!!!

Cam and Jack are cut from the same cloth!

Melissa E. said...

How much notice do you get when you are cleared to travel?

BethPie said...

K - Asa Mack's 3rd B-day is December 5th. I will send your something for him. ;o)

Kathy, I'm praying you are out of Parquet REALLY soon.

April, we definitely have some pumpkin headed boys.

Melissa, once we get out of MOI and have his passport, our file goes to US immigration. I think, typically, travel can be 2-4 weeks after that so we will have a general idea but not a specific day. Although there have been some people stuck in USCIS for months. So basically, I have no real answer. LOL. ;o)

Kimmie said...

I am looking forward with you my sweet friend. What a wonderful joy-filled celebration that will be!


mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

geralyn said...

Beth, we always seem to leap frog each other into and out of departments, so hopefully you will be right behind us. I do think you are moving along with us, and you will find out any day now, that you are in MOI

poseygirl said...

Your boys are beautiful. I pray your wait will be over soon. It can really tough on the tenderhearts like your Camden. My 6 year old Jaden is constantly praying and telling everyone that we are "getting a baby":) His excitement keeps me going and makes me a little sad all at once, and we are just getting started. NO MORE DELAYS!!!! (from my laptop and heart, to God's ears):)