Monday, September 28, 2009

Reunion Recap...

From Haiti With Love:
Chances for Children's First Family Reunion

I designed the t-shirts!

We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale on Friday afternoon. The kids were ready to hop right into the pool where a few other children from the creche were already swimming.

All the children who had come home from the Crèche Enfant de l’Jèsus seemed excited to see one another & play together, and the children who had never met before hit it off right away, as well! They all played on the beach playground and swung each other in the hammocks - it was really neat to see friendships renewed and new bonds created. We were able to spend time with some great friends that I had met on trips to Haiti, and some that we've only met via the internet.

This is our Ally (17) with a very smiley Asa.

Saturday morning included breakfast for the group with a touching video of the children before and after coming home. There were planned activities for the children throughout most of the afternoon: Haitian crafts, language lessons, music and games.

Chloe (8) and Asa loved playing games with the other children.

The event ended on Saturday evening with a lovely outdoor dinner.

We headed back home Sunday morning after thoroughly enjoying the memorable weekend. We're so grateful to C4C for organizing and hosting such and important event and we look forward to staying connected through future reunions!

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Melissa said...

It really was awesome! I don't think words can really describe how amazing it was to see the kids back together again.

Julie said...

Thanks for the pix and the stories! Hopefully Elliott will be home and we will definitely go to the next one!

Kimmie said...


We miss you posting...come on, don't leave us hanging. I love to hear about you and your beautiful family.

I have passed your address on for the dolls, expect them soon! I will be praying for your time with the orphan dolls.

Thank you B~ I am grateful for your willingness to share in this ministry!

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted