Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We've been diligent about explaining to Asa that he should not start conversations with strangers and that mommy and daddy will let him know when someone is a "friend" to whom we can talk. It used to be that Asa would act overly familiar (cheeky, even) with strangers. It was usually uncomfortable, not just for us, but the individual that caught Asa's attention. He's really been receptive to our guidance in this area and has gotten so much better. But this is what happened a few weeks ago while we were shopping for Easter clothes. He was standing next to me and practicing some dance moves and crazy faces in a mirror by a rack of dresses:

Lady: Hi there! You sure are cute... how old are you?
Asa: (loudly) You're a stranger. I can't talk to strangers.
Lady: Awww. You are adorable. That's true - you should not talk to strangers, but I'm a nice grandma and I love children.
Asa: (loud & indignant) MOM, that STRANGER is still talkin' to me!!

I think he'll eventually learn a bit more about tact (and volume control) but I'm pretty sure there is no restraining our Asa's effervescent personality.

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dreamingBIGdreams said...


Kimmie said...

What an obedient son. Too sweet and I am sure you made that sweet Grandma's day...imagine the excitement for her in being called a 'stranger!'

mama to 8
one homemade and soon 7 adopted

Kathy C. said...

Perfect! I would have bought him a treat on the spot. One of my major complaints is that we tell our kids not to talk to strangers but someone needs to tell adults not to engage children they don't know in conversation. Three guys called jasmine and twins over to them at the beach store (sitting on chairs in front of it) and the twins were ready to climb right up on these three guys' laps!! I think the guys thought since I was white and they were African American they had some claim on my kids.

Kathy C. said...

P.S. You only have the lady's word that she is a grandmother. There are some sick people who look like the model grandparent. How do we teach our kids to be safe without making them paranoid. She probably was safe but the next innocent looking one might not be.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh how funny!

Sean's Ladies said...

lol. so cute!

Eve said...

Bless his tiny heart. I'm sure the lady in the store understood and thought your little one a smart kid. Well done him.

I'm new to your blog, and look forward to reading all your post.

My husband and I would love to adopt and raise our children with Christian values.
All the best

Melissa said...

that boy cracks me up ;)