Friday, January 28, 2011

More Asa Quotes:

Asa: It's dangerous to run in the road 'cause a car could squash you flat like a scarecrow.
Me: Scarecrows are flat?
Asa: Yes, if they get squashed by a car.
Asa: Mom, are you going to wear that?
Me: (in what I thought was a cute jogging suit) Yes, why?
Asa: Because I'll be embarrassed.
Me: WHY?
Asa: Because it looks like pajammies and people are going to laugh at you.
"Asa, what do you want for Christmas?"
"An iPad."

2 of your thoughts:

Tifanni said...

Hilarious-What a funny guy:)

Kimmie said...


did he get his wish for an ipad? lol.

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one homemade and 7 adopted