Friday, April 29, 2011

Asa-isms: Part III

Jim: Kids, we're going to play the quiet game. Let's see who can be quiet the longest.
{five seconds later...}
Asa: I'm winning.

Asa: I spy with my little eye something bald with a head.
Chloe: Is it daddy?
Asa: (shocked that she got it on the first try) You GUESSED it!!!

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MarkandSarah said...

Hi Beth! Enjoyed reading the first page in your blog--can't wait to finish it tomorrow! We are adopting two girls from Haiti and it's so encouraging to find other families who have gone through many of the same things. Thank you! (Asa is adorable :-)

Jen said...

Adorable little one! So neat to see Haiti adoptions!
A new follower,
...because Life IS a Poem!

The Junkins said...

Randomly came across your blog! I am a student minister in the Birmingham area and could really use some expertise on adoption from Haiti! My wife and I are currently beginning the process of a unique adoption from Haiti! I would love to pick your brain about your families adventure! My email is of your time would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

Caroline said...

We are at the final stages of an adoption in Haiti, which we are doing without an agency. I wondered if there was any insight you could provide into the 604 verification by the US Embassy and the Visa process. We have an approved I-600 and we expect the passport in a few days.


Delana said...

Our teenage sons used to play the quiet game with our daughter (who we adopted at the age of 6--7 years younger than her brothers). Of course, their version of the game went like this: "If you can be quiet for half an hour I'll give you a quarter." Amazingly, it usually worked. Flash forward 5 years. I was driving one evening and our daughter was talking non stop. It was distracting me and I had a headache. So I said, "You wanna play the quiet game..."
Blessings to your family!