Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Any Day Now?

I'm definitely running the risk of speaking too soon here, but I feel like we could have a referral any time. The official copies of our homestudy arrived in the mail today. A copy was just faxed to our coordinator who is forwarding it on to the orphanage. That's all they need to "match" us with a child. One copy will go on to meet up with our 1-600A (an immigration form) for visa approval. Another will make the long trip to Haiti as part of our dossier after being authenticated, translated into French and sent to the Haitian Consulate in Chicago.

We're pretty much at the mercy of the US Postal Service and the State of Florida for the next few weeks in regards to the dossier. Once it's all authenticated, there are a few more brief stops before it lands in Haiti. Then we're at the mercy of the Haitian government. And I think they're a bit more disgruntled than most US postal workers.

So if I was to compare an adoption to a pregnancy, this would be the time just before a first ultrasound; knowing there is a baby in there, but yet to actually see him/her. This is the second "pregnancy parallel" feeling I've had. The first was when Jim handed me the e-mail from our coordinator (see my post below from February 11th). Reading it elicited the exact same feeling I have when I see the second line on a pregnancy test.

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