Monday, June 25, 2007

Translations - Done. Authentications - Done.

We've received our French translations and we just got an e-mail from FedEx tracking; our state authentications were mailed back to us today - they'll be here by 1:00 Wednesday. And I wasn't kidding about having some news this week. We should know a little more in a few days.

An aside: Keep my brother and his wife in your prayers right now. They are currently on a mission trip in a place that isn't friendly toward Christians.

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Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Beth, did you get your referral? Our O allows us to commit to a child before our dossier gets there. Which O are you working with? So happy that you have your documents back in your hands...hope they fly through the consulate for you! Which consulate do you use? Ok...forget this...I need to send you an email. Send me an email so I can email you back...Thanks! Congrats on getting this far...if sure ain't easy! ;)

BethPie said...

Going over to your blog right now to find your e-mail. Then I can answer your questions... and I have some for you, too. :o)

Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Glad you found me! I look forward to following your journey. This has been the most amazing thing the Lord has called us to do!

May we be on the same flight out of Haiti with our precious little ones in our arms!!!! :)

BethPie said...

Wouldn't that be wonderful?! :o)