Sunday, September 2, 2007

In Less Than Two Months...

His cheeks are going to be worn out from kisses!! We just got this picture from another family who went on the recent trip. So I thought I'd share it, along with the official report that our agency forwarded from the orphanage.
Physical and Social Development:

It is wonderful to talk about this gentle small boy because he is so friendly and active. He is very wakeful and joyful. He is a child who doesn’t stop amazing everybody; he develops at all levels physically and mentally. He pays attention to the other children in order to learn from them like catching words, listening to their songs etc. His appetite is good and he likes drinking much milk and water.


For this month of July this little boy had a cough and fever. He has taken medicines to help him and now he is getting a lot better. His appetite is pretty much good and he has good sleep. He has not gained any weight; actually he still weighs 20 lbs.
(from Beth - he was 17 lbs when he arrived in May) His physical exams are good. The general state of his health is well-preserved.
We're making some changes around the house and doing some renovations to get ready for our Asa's arrival. Although it will be quite a while before we have him home, we're staying busy and feeling productive.

4 of your thoughts:

Old Fashioned Girl said...

I hope he gets better soon.

Kathy said...

Another good report! Glad he's over the cough and such and hope he stays super healthy.

Anonymous said...

I bet you can't wait to hold that cutie!

Melissa E. said...

Oh! I wish you were bringing him home in October!!!
I think it is good for me that I don't know who is waiting for me in Ukraine! I don't think I could stand it! I am so glad that you can go and visit him! And so soon, now too!