Saturday, December 15, 2007

Home Again...

And what a different experience. The orphanage & staff were wonderful, just like last time. I was, yet again, enchanted by Haiti and all the people there. But this trip was so much better because my boy was well!! Asa was still quite the snuggle-bug and really wanted to be held a lot. He did feel secure enough to get down and play a few times, though. He gave me some shy smiles at first, and later on, some big laughs. He's such a little pumpkin and will fit in so well with our gang.

He said mama a few times and "Ma-chine" when the trucks would drive up the orphanage drive-way. I brought some cookies for him and while he was eating, I asked him to share with me by pointing to my mouth and saying "Mama manje." I guess that was a totally new concept for him. But when he put a piece in my mouth, I said a very happy "Meci!" and he just beamed with pride. So over the next few days when we'd eat, he'd always offer me little pieces of his food with a big smile. What a cutie pie!! He looked at the photo book I made and I said everyone's names as he pointed to the pictures.

I also got to spend a little more time with the aunties (the young women who care for the children). These women are amazing. And I'm sure that the jobs they have at the orphanage are better than most positions they could obtain in Haiti. So really - this amazing orphanage is doing more than just caring for children.

Asa with Jasmine and Mona... the aunties in his baby room.

Asa eating!

They have the whole orphanage decorated so beautifully for Christmas. They truly want the children to have happy memories. This is Asa with Sister (the nun who lives there). Every evening, the big kids sit around the Christmas tree and are taught Christmas carols. They are preparing for Christmas day when they'll have a big party. It's precious!

I didn't get any smiley pictures because he wasn't thrilled when I'd put him down. But check out those CHEEKS!!!! I could not stop kissing them.
So, of course, I am missing him more than ever. Now - everything we do as a family is just a bit harder because I imagine him with us. And I have to be honest and say that there's a little bit of fear because of UNICEF's increased interest in Haitian adoptions and adoption laws. When they get involved - things slow down. Please pray for everyone adopting from Haiti and all the children who need to come home to their families.

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Kathy said...

I'm so glad you had a good trip!

I worry about Haitian adoptions too. There hasn't been any good news about the process and I wonder if our kids will even be home by next Christmas! We sure do need to be praying for changes in the process.

Your son is adorable.

Courtney said...

He is so sweet!!!!!!

I am so glad you had a great trip.

I know how you feel. I miss the girls everyday. I too am worried about adoptions in Haiti.

Kimmie said...

What a beautiful boy you have...his face shines with light and those eyes have such depth.

Glad you were able to spend time holding him...praying that God brings him home quickly.

My heart melts when I see your son...choose joy as you wait and don't let that nasty devil steal it from you.

praying blessings over you...
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

BethPie said...

Thank you everyone! Kimmie - thank you. You really are such an encourager!! :o)