Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Righteous Anger...

From Vera's Advocacy Blog:

I received an update yesterday as to why the Chief Proscutor of the Port-au-Prince Parquet Claudy Gassant (he is the "judge" who signs off on all adoption decrees) is not signing adoption decrees for families that have biological children. He is enforcing the 1974 Haitian Law that states that only childless couples and singles can adopt. The reason Mr. Gassant apparently stated for not signing the adoption decrees is that he is getting pressured by UNICEF not to sign these decrees (even the ones with presidential pardons for many families). So, to get to the bottom of this statement, we need to write a letter to the main person in charge of UNICEF in the Carribian region. He speaks English, French and Spanish, so getting a letter and email to him won't be difficult. However, the UNICEF person directly overseeing adoptions in Haiti is French speaking only.

I'm really, really angry. There are evil people standing between us and our precious kids and it's really hard to take. Isn't there someone, somewhere that's bigger than UNICEF and Gassant who actually wants children to be in loving families?? I'm praying God sends someone or some event to radically change the adoption process there - that will render UNICEF and Gassant totally obsolete and impotent (figuratively speaking, of course).

We want Asa home. Our children want Asa home. Our families and friends want Asa home. This child is LOVED. Why would anyone want to keep children from loving homes?? I ask that rhetorically because I have my own beliefs as to why this is happening. They're deeply rooted in my Christian faith and what feels to be an attack on people who desire to care for "the least of these." The orphans in a third world countries are just as precious, just as valuable and just as deserving of love as the well dressed, well fed, children of the wealthy UNICEF decision makers.

I'm so angry. I remember hearing that anger is a secondary emotion; it's not normally an initial response but a reaction to other emotions like sadness, hurt, fear or helplessness. I've felt all those (and still do) but now, I'm angry, too.

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Melissa E. said...

I will be happy to write or email. Do you have specific information on who to contact and where?

I also may be able to get a French letter to the Haiti guy.

BethPie said...

I haven't seen specifics yet, Melissa. I think she'll post more info as she gets it. Thank you so much for your care & concern. It truly is appreciated. :o)

BethPie said...
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Kathy said...

I think parquet is starting to move. This was in God's Little Angels update (not our O):

Hallelujah! Six (6) children's dossiers came out of Parquet today. Several are from May 2007! We received one (1) at the end of last week that had been in Parquet 13 months! There are another 12 that they told us yesterday will be signed tomorrow and we can come and get them on Monday or Tuesday. We had 18 dossiers stuck in Parquet, so this will be all of the ones that have been in there for so long. It is really good to see movement in Parquet!

IBESR also is signing dossiers that have been there for several months. We have not received them in our hands yet, but have been told that Mme Beaudin has signed them and we will be receiving them soon.

Now, we just need passports to go quicker!

BUT WE HAVE to get out of dispense to get on to PARQUET!!!!!

Kimmie said...

Holy anger, yup God had it, men of the bible had it...I don't know if it is secondary in god's eyes (or in His word) but sounds like the Holy Spirit is giving you something to study as you pray and wait.

sending a hug and wishing it were currently different, but I DO believe that satan is trying to hold back a generation from godly homes. Don't know why, I just really believe it in my heart.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Rachel said...

I am so sorry...oh how the enemy shudders in anger as these children come into christian homes...praise God we know the end of the story...the Lamb has overcome! Lifting you in prayer...and standing with you in your anger! The birthpains of adoption...

Major Mom said...

Ughhh...UNICEF sucks.

Tim & Sarah said...

Hang in there! I know it is hard, but God is bigger, and knows exactly what is going on, and will take care of the problem! I too wish it were sooner, but I have to continue with God's timming is the best timming!

Greg's Wife said...

I am also quite willing to call or write anyone who could make a difference, but IS there any such person or office?

I pray the Lord will bring you peace, friend. He IS at work, somehow. (Remind me of this in 5 minutes when I forget again.)

Praying for an April IBESR exit!

Nadra said...

Beth...Yes, there is someone, somewhere bigger than all of this....GOD. He is the one that will change all of this. I'm praying that God will intercede and that all of this will be resolved quickly. Asa is your child...a child that God chose especially for your family and He's not going to let that plan fail. Try to stay strong.

Sending hugs your way!