Friday, November 7, 2008

Monthly Update Photos...

Here are our update photos for October.

We normally get one, much awaited picture with each monthly report. I check my in-box incessantly, looking for a new glimpse of our sweet boy.

These pictures don't come as a huge surprise, though, because.... I took them. ;o)

Sometimes, traveling families will help out by taking the monthly pictures. Another mom (April, who handles C4C donations and came up with the amazing food drive idea) and I took some fun autumn props and tried to elicit smiles** from the children at the creche. Asa's not a huge fan of the camera and it was hard for me to get any good grins out of him, but he sure does look handsome in the Redskins Jersey (which used to be Camden's).

I just have to do this, too:


I don't think I had fully expressed my joy over the whole MOI thing in the last post. I was in a hurry but wanted to share our news so I only wrote a quick blurb. We're really excited about this forward motion and it will certainly make our holidays a little bit brighter. Thank you so much for all the sweet comments - it really means a lot to know that others (many of whom we've never "met") share our happiness!

**Trail mix and gummi bear bribes might have been involved.

3 of your thoughts:

John and Amanda said...

Love the pics, Bethie. Can't wait to meet that little guy (and explain to him why the Steelers are superior to the Redskins).

Kathy said...

Looks like you'll have a football player. Have to beat the girls off in a few years.

Pray for our file. We are still in parquet and it's getting discouraging after such a long wait in ibesr.

Amanda said...

Those pictures are adorable! He looks like such a tough boy :~)

I always get excited to hear about movement! Hope, hope, hope! That's always good!