Monday, January 12, 2009

Brother and Sisters...

And a dog.

I'm going through pictures from Christmastime and thought I'd share a few current ones of the three kids who have been waiting so patiently for their little brother. Here is Allyson (16) at Ft. Desoto Beach. We spent Christmas Eve there with my mom and grandparents. It was a beautiful day.

And here are the two littles with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Chloe (7) asked for walkie-talkies. Camden (5) also asked for walkie-talkies, but when Santa said he could pick something different than his sister, he said "a guitar." By the way, that beard is the real deal. We love them and see them every year. {We even ran into Santa down on Siesta Key in the summer.... when the kids seemed suprised to see him in a red polo and shorts, he told them "everyone needs a vacation once in a while" and "you've been good but you should keep your rooms cleaner." See?!?! He IS the real Santa!!}

And I'll add one of the loyal companion whom, we hope, Asa will come to love. Every boy needs a faithful dog. Henry is our sweet Golden Retriever.

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Kristi said...

Ohhhhh I LOVE these photos!!

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