Sunday, February 8, 2009

This Is Not "The" News...

I've been waiting to post - but it is some news. We found out that our file will probably be submitted to the US immigration office tomorrow. We had really hoped it was already there but it was good to just get an update with some concrete information.

We are SO ready for our Asa to be home. His room has been ready for over a year so we haven't had to do much in that area. I've slowly been buying clothes and, when I picked a toothbrush for him, it totally made my day. Asa now has jammies to match Chloe and Camden (thank you, Erika!!) and a bag of gifts sits on the dresser from his friend Mya, who came home from the creche in December (thank you, Laura!!). My bags are filling up with donations for the orphanage from lots of generous people (like "multi-purpose ointment" from Mike & Tifanni - thank you!!). Now all we need is immigration approval, a visa and a travel date.

Also, the blog turns two years old today. Wow.

2 of your thoughts:

AprilC said...

hopefully only 2 more weeks....hang in there!

Melissa E. said...

Two years is too long for the blog to be only about the process/prgress!!
Time to go and bring that boy home so that you can start posting about the next phase. :-)