Sunday, November 25, 2007

*~*~* Jwaye Nowèl *~*~*

It might be just a bit early to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but I was online looking for the translation so we could use it for Christmas cards and/or decorations.

I really need to study Creole (Kreyòl) more because I'd love to be able to communicate with the aunties at the orphanage. It was pretty funny in October... there were a lot of hand gestures and overly animated facial expressions while trying to ask or convey certain things. Now I can say:

mwen - me, I
anpil - a lot
bonjou - good day/morning
bonswa - good evening
mèsi - thank you
manje - eat, food
and Jwaye Nowèl - Merry Christmas

It's good that I'm going two weeks before Chistmas so I can use my newest phrase! And in between homeschooling, decorating & wrapping gifts and all the other craziness that will be occurring in the next two weeks, I'm going to commit to studying more Creole than I did last time!

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Kathy said...

Do you have either Creole Made Easy or Simple Language for Adoptive Parents: Creole? They both come with CDs. My problem is that I'm taking Spanish class and was trying to learn a little creole at the same time and neither was sticking!

Trisha said...

Way to go Beth! I am proud of you for even trying...I am such a slacker:(

Melissa E. said...

'С Рождеством Христовым!'

Merry Christmas to you, too!

Did you ever take French? I see that the languages have a lot of similarities.

we leave in one week! (next Friday)
Can you believe it?

I am glad that Asa is doing better. I hope that the next time you visit him, he will wear you out with all his energy!

Scarlett_333 said...

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BethPie said...

Kathy... I've heard of those but don't have them. Just a simple English/Creole list of common phrases & words. We have some Haitian families at our church but haven't been able to connect with them yet (we have a massive church). I'd love to get some lessons! :o)

Melissa, you're right! Creole is a combination of French, some African & Tainos (indigenous tribes of Caribbean) languages. The educated people in Haiti speak French - but most speak Creole. I took six weeks of French in sixth grade and can mostly just count. ;o) I can't beleive it's almost time for you to leave! I've been thinking about & praying for your family.

Kathy said...

Have a safe journey!

Use this one:
Ou tre' presie (Oo treh pray-see-ay) You are so precious.

Kathy said...

Just saw that dossier # 15,604 has exited IBESR. Perhaps we will all have good news soon!

BethPie said...

Thank you! I'll use that phrase. :o)

And it's great to see files moving!!