Monday, January 14, 2008

Unity In Prayer...

Back in the summer, I read that another mom (Storing Up Treasures In Heaven) had felt compelled to set aside Mondays as a day of prayer and fasting for Haitian adoptions. This really touched me and I made a point of also using that as a day to pray specifically for all the children, families and government officials involved in Haitian adoption. My desire was simply to pray the children home. But as autumn came, and homeschooling began again, I have to admit that I was less faithful about setting aside time for specific and purposeful prayer.

More recently, though, the stakes seem to have become greater. There is a very real risk that Haitian adoption will become extremely restricted. It will be nearly impossible for families like ours to adopt if the proposed laws pass (info on petition here). The number of all foreign adoptions has gone down. This is not because there are less orphans in the world or because poor countries are now, magically, able to care for their orphaned & abandoned children. There is a push, specifically by UNICEF, to end international adoption. Why? They'll say that children belong in their own culture. From a November AP piece on this topic:

...By contrast, another adoption expert, Harvard law professor Elizabeth Bartholet, depicted the new numbers as "totally depressing."

She said China and Russia reflected a trend in which countries opened themselves up to international adoption, then scaled back. She attributed this in part to UNICEF and other international organizations encouraging countries to care for children within their homeland, even when domestic programs such as foster care might be inadequate.

"UNICEF is a major force," Bartholet said. "They've played a major role in jumping on any country sending large number of kids abroad, identifying it as a problem rather than a good thing."

UNICEF's child protection spokesman, Geoffrey Keele, said the U.N. agency does believe it is preferable to care for orphaned or abandoned children in their own countries if good homes could be found for them.
(my emphasis)

The question becomes - HAS ANYONE FROM UNICEF EVER BEEN TO HAITI??? Does it appear that there are good homes for the more than ONE MILLION orphans (and I've heard that's a conservative estimate)? The issue is not the fear of child trafficking, as UNICEF claims. There are more than enough safeguards (homestudies, immigration approvals, etc...) to insure that adoptive parents are bringing these children into their homes to become part of their families.

My opinion is that this is a much bigger issue than corrupt governments, UNICEF or any other institution that pushes to keep orphans in desperate conditions. I truly believe that there is evil in this world that does not want children to be exposed to freedom, prosperity and more importantly, the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. An enormous percentage of families that adopt internationally are Christians.

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father is this:
caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to be corrupted by the world.

Whether you choose to stand in unity with us on Mondays, or would like to set aside another time to lift up these issues, please join us in praying specifically for:
  • the orphans of the world (estimated at 150 million - at least one million of which are in Haiti)
  • the continued opportunity for Christian families to adopt them from the most horrifying of conditions
  • that any unjust laws are stopped before they pass

I know there is power in unified prayer. There are a number of adoption blogs that I read frequently and I pray for those families and children on a regular basis. If you are adopting or have a specific prayer request - please post a comment or send an e-mail so I can join with you.

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Trisha said...

Beth, I feel the EXACT same way. Ugghhhh..I get sooo frustrated with the whole Unicef push. Do they honestly think there are enough good homes to care for all the orphans in 3rd world countries? And foster care is not the answer. Every child deserves a home, a family and a future. You know I pray for you, for Asa and all of Haiti. Please add our family to your list of prayers, specifically for corruption to end in Haiti and for the best interest of every child to put ahead of any other interest. Thanks, Beth.

Courtney said...

Prayer is the only thing that will ever change anything. Thanks for the great reminder and the inspiration to keep Mondays a time of prayer.

ManyBlessings said...

Hi Beth,
I am a new reader to your blog and this post really touched me. My personal belief on UNICEF (having now watched them effectively try close two countries-Guatemala and Haiti), is that they NEED people to stay in poverty in order for themselves to stay running. If people aren't poor, where does UNICEF fit in. I have some really strong feelings on them and won't go into that here, but I want to stand with you in prayer for Haiti. My heart is crushed to see UNICEF force these kids to live one day longer in poverty. It's just not right. Praise God, He's bigger than even UNICEF.

BethPie said...

Amen, Manyblessings. Thank you for posting! I've checked out your blog before but it was months ago and I had lost the link. I'm thrilled to see that your boy is HOME!!

Kathy said...

Nine children from our O. are going home in the next couple of weeks but most of them have been in process for almost two year or over two years! That is sad, sad, sad.

Mrs. Greg Green said...

beautifully written, and I think what you said about evil and keeping people from the truth of Christ is THE reason for UNICEF's disgusting involvement in the adoption world. praying for your family & darling little Asa.