Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Whenever I see disturbing information about UNICEF, I try to share it. The international adoption community seems to have a pretty firm grasp on the hypocrisy that this organization embodies. They relentlessly rail against international adoption while never really providing solutions or answers for orphaned & abandoned children. While I shouldn't be surprised by this, I was absolutely sickened to read an article detailing UNICEF's financing of terrorist camps in the Middle East. I feel like most Americans are just covering their ears saying "La la la la - what I don't know won't affect me...." That attitude really upsets me. And it leaves me feeling bitter.

I was actually forwarded to that link through a great blog written by a mom who has adopted a precious daughter from Guatemala and posts on the new adoption website called Adoption Under One Roof. Check it out!! It just recently launched and there will certainly be a wealth of adoption related information. They even added a Haiti forum! ;o)

So now for the sweet... you have to check out this video over on Loved Already. You'll be amazed by God's perfect timing!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the plug about Adoption Under One Roof. You have caught my interest and concern about adoption from Haiti.
Lisa S.

Melissa E. said...

Steve loves putting those videos together. Thanks for spreading the word. It has always been our goal that not only would our three be 'rescued' but that other families would choose to adopt because we have inspired them.

I hope and pray that all goes well and quickly and that Asa is home with you all sooner than thought possible!