Tuesday, June 10, 2008


And "Daddy!" We received our monthly report and this is a little bit of it:

Other General Changes in last month:
He familiarizes with the other children by playing and sharing with them.



Social Development:
special events - he is now capable to say mommy and daddy
(yes, that made me cry)

Who does child interact with (friends)?
He is very nice to his mates.

My joyful and amusing boy (who can now say "Mommy!!!") will be in my arms again from July 29th - August 1st!!! It will be trip number three and I'm so excited!

6 of your thoughts:

Kristi said...

Note to self: Get a video of Asa saying mommy and daddy...

This is very exciting news!!!

Melissa E. said...

How precious! It will be great when he can not only say Mommy and Daddy but really know what a mommy and a daddy are!

I am so glad you will get to go and be with him soon!

Greg's Wife said...

I just love that wide, toothless grin of his. I can't WAIT til your trip so you can hear "mommy" in person!

Kathy said...

Precious! I am going the first four days in July. Short but sweet (I hope!)

A Momma in Waiting... said...

I would be crying too!!! Terry

Nikki said...

That is so sweet- he is precious!