Monday, July 14, 2008


I've been told (by a more than a few people) that the blog needs an updated post. I was trying to keep the food drive info there at the top for a while, just because it is such an important cause. I'm happy to say that Chances for Children has received an amazing response to this effort and a lot of food will be heading down to the Crèche. There's still time to send a box, though. The deadline to ship them is this Friday.

We received Asa's monthly report recently and he's doing really well. He has gained some weight and is now up to 23 pounds! Here are a few cute excerpts:

  • Behavior: he has very good manners

  • Mood / Emotion: he is getting very happy and smiling

  • Other General Changes in last month: he looks much brighter in any kind of his room activities

  • Special events: his language skill is developing out well

  • He plays with his mates fairly.

I'll be with him in exactly TWO WEEKS!!

6 of your thoughts:

Kristi said...

That is a great update! The best part is the last sentence - you are going to be there so soon!! It has been so long!!

Melissa E. said...

I'm so happy that you will be with him soon! I'll bet you treasure those monthly reports like you would letters from a boyfriend when you were young! I can't imagine how hard it is to wait to see him!!!

Greg's Wife said...

I can't wait til you get to be with him, BethPie! I'm anxious for the pictures!

Greg's Wife said...

Oh yeah- Did you get an official Parquet entrance date?

Kathy said...

Nice report!

Kimmie said...

Two weeks...Yahoo! Did I hear you say, "PARTY!"

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one homemade adn 5 adopted