Sunday, July 6, 2008

Want To Help??

I know many people who read this blog are also adopting from Haiti (or other countries). Feel free to stop reading this post now because you already do so much for your kids and their orphanages. Right now, I'm appealing specifically to others who want to help orphans in a tangible way. The organization that runs Asa's crèche, Chances For Children, happens to have a connection with Crocs (the shoe company). Soles United is a division of Crocs that takes donated shoes and recycles them into new ones, which they donate to needy people around the world. Later this month, they will be taking 10,000 pairs of shoes to Haiti! The great news for us is that there will be extra room for cargo on the flight that's transporting the shoes. Crocs is donating that space so crucial food & supplies can be taken to the orphanage. Currently, many of the needed items (formula, medications) are hand-carried by traveling families. This is an amazing opportunity to get a large quantity of food to our kids. You can click the flyer to enlarge. Feel free to print it and give it to anyone who might be interested in helping. If you want to take part, please e-mail me at so there will be an accurate count of boxes being mailed.
Thank you SO MUCH!
* The formula listed is Kirkland (Costco's brand) but Enfamil can be substituted if necessary.

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Melissa E. said...

I noticed Asa's pink Crocs in the pictures. :-)

What a great opportunity to get supplies to the orphanage!

Anonymous said...

Beth you haven't posted in awhile and I was wondering if you are mad at me?


BethPie said...

No, I'm not mad. I was just trying to keep this post up at the top for a while. Sally, have you ever considered getting a blog of your own?

Anonymous said...

Oh goodie- are we still friends?


Paige Mann said...

Congrats on your adoption! We recently made our fifth trip to Haiti in just under 5 years----this time with pounds & pounds of medical supplies in tow. What a great day to be alive and wide awake!!!