Friday, August 20, 2010


These are from the past few weeks. My all time favorite was his response to a stranger, though.

"I love my dad because he calls me son."

"I'm trying to wait for patience."

On vacation, having breakfast at the hotel...
Asa: Ally, if you keep talking to me about frogs, you'll make me sad.
Ally: What? I haven't been talking to you about frogs.
Asa: Yes you did. Just now.

Playing "Mother May I" in the pool with the kids (Asa had never played this before)...
Chloe: Mother, may I take two scissor steps?
Me: Yes you may.
Camden: Mother, may I take three baby steps?
Me: Yes you may.
Asa: Mother, may I have a muffin?

2 of your thoughts:

Eve said...

Hahaa, he's so funny. I could sit and have a conversation with him all day. Too cute :D

Chloe Morgan said...

LOL he's making me hungry!!!!!!!!